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Our services
and capabilities


Advising client leadership to improve clinical operations and outcomes, including:

  • Building innovative care models that work

  • Leveraging best practices to improve workflows and
    measurable outcomes

  • Aligning physician, staff and patient values with desired change

  • Removing inefficiencies that drain resources and enthusiasm

  • Avoiding common, costly pitfalls that doom improvement work


We begin with listening to you and your needs. We also gather key operational data regarding office workflows, staffing, chronic illness care, payer mix, and outcomes.


Next, we dialogue with leadership and staff about your goals and what will work to achieve them. Like how to respond to the demands of a medical home and accountable care in the face of limited resources. And leveraging your strengths to improve workflows and measurable outcomes, including satisfaction. About who is ready for change and who isn't and how to respond. We then facilitate decision making and mobilize support for next steps.


Finally, we've also helped physicians to rediscover a genuine sense of community with their patients through innovations like group medical visits which have also been shown to reduce ED utilization and hospital re-admissions.

Assisting Improvement Initiatives

Sue Houck has assisted improvement work lead by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Quality Partners of Rhode Island, Health TeamWorks, MassPro and others to achieve complex deliverables, often within tight budgets. Assistance has included advising project leadership as well as hands-on practice improvement work. We have also mentored and trained practice coaches to lead improvement. Sue Houck’s extensive experience facilitating desired change enables honest, in-depth dialogue and learning.


We also use an innovative 360 degree candid feedback tool to assesses progress. Metrics include process and clinical measures as well as leadership support. We facilitated the development of learning communities as well as site visit videos to build peer-to-peer learning and accountability. To precisely match the needs of our clients, we occasionally partner with other physician and healthcare change leaders on these projects.


Read more about this in the following case studies:



Redesign Boot Camp©

As pioneers in clinical operations redesign, have trained improvement coaches for physician organizations as well as the federal government including the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.


Redesign Boot Camp's 2 and 3 day training sessions bring case study scenarios based on real-world clinical operations. We use proprietary and lean improvement tools to simplify complex workflows.

A set of core financial metrics helps coaches to understand the impact of redesign on practice revenues as well as medical homes. From advanced access to optimizing the use of EHRs and patient satisfaction to planning for new reimbursement incentives, coaches gain dozens of hands-on skills.


A pocket reference manual enables quick access to key operations data and best practices. Our ongoing phone and email support reinforces attendee skills to enable breakthroughs at participating practices as well as deal with setbacks. The result? Participants gain a transformed ability to "see" and guide improvement from making Patient Centered Medical Homes successful to dealing with resistance to change.


Read more about this in the following case studies:



Presentations and Retreats

From planning and implementing your strategic outcome goals to leveraging key elements of your system we've helped leaders effectively respond to today's mushrooming complexity. Our workshops bring top managers, physicians and staff the knowledge and skills to design care for better value.


Accountable Care Organizations will only be as successful as the care provided to each patient. Care that honors tradition but also looks to the future. Care that leverages technology as well as patient self-management skills.


We design events around client interviews to understand the learning and results you require. Sample presentations include:

  • Innovation in primary care: beyond burnout to AccountableCare Organizations

  • Beyond crazy care: How innovators are transforming a dysfunctional system

  • The Patient Centered Medical Home: fad or future ofprimary care?

  • Marcus Welby vs. RoboDoc: effective metrics for new
    payment models

  • Improving satisfaction, financial and operational outcomes: pipe dream or within our grasp?



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