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A comprehensive guide to sustainable change, Numerous real-world examples detail leveraging core values, resources and processes from innovative providers .  

What Works To Improve Primary Care
Effective Strategies and Case Studies

Written by Suzanne Houck

Learn how innovative providers are making care more satisfying to provide and receive by leveraging staff and physician skills and redesigned processes that match core values. Visual tools make complex concepts easier to see and understand for care givers as well as managers. In-depth case studies detail how advanced primary care providers are transforming primary care delivery.




"Sue Houck gives us a great guide for practice leaders in the 21st Century. This book guides the reader on a path out of the current frenetic race that exists in most medical offices to solve the dozens of daily crises and problems. And this guidebook gives concrete directions of how to arrive at the destination: efficient, integrated and coordinated offices, where the main focus is on the important, not the urgent.

I would strongly recommend "What Works" to any primary care physician leader or  manager interested in building a strong practice that delivers great results, year after year. I have given a copy of this book to all the managers in my health center, and they are finding it an invaluable guide as we work to our goal of becoming a patient centered medical home."


Bo Greaves, MD
Medical Director, Santa Rosa, CA


Sample Chapter: 


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